Conservancy District

Geist Reservoir has been enjoyed by Indiana residents since 1943 when it was constructed by damming Fall Creek to provide water for Indianapolis. Upon completion, Geist Reservoir became the second-largest man-made lake in Indiana, providing 7 billion US gallons of water. Residents of Geist are most likely familiar with the shallow waters (10 feet or less) and the rapid development the area has seen over the years.

However, a number of factors have aged Geist Reservoir to appear much closer to 120 years old than its actual age. While Geist has been a place for families to make memories over the years, the 75-year-old reservoir needs ecological attention, such as stream bank remediation and sediment removal, as well as homeowner support to withstand another century of fun.

In 2000, the Geist Lake Coalition (GLC) was formed with the mission of addressing and upholding the longevity of Geist Reservoir. While GLC generates funds to treat the lake, they are not enough to address myriad other issues that need attention to keep the water inviting for future enjoyment, and as beautiful as the houses that grace the surrounding property.

To properly care and maintain Geist Reservoir, it is now vital to establish a Geist Conservancy District.

Together, we can give the lake the attention it deserves now for the anticipated generations to come.


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